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Voice Coaching

How our voice coach can help you.

People judge us by how we speak.

  • You need to make a good impression in meetings, presentations and interviews 
  • you need to be able to speak persuasively, and with authority to individuals, and to small and large groups
  • you want other people to listen to you with interest- even pleasure
  • you need to keep your nerves under control
  • perhaps you wish your accent was clearer or your voice louder

Working one-to-one with a highly experienced voice coach can help you achieve the clarity and the confidence you need in all situations

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your best voice for all occasions.


  • "Sarah is an excellent teacher and coach. The mix of practical exercise with tips on how to improve is a brilliant way to learn instantly. I've come away feeling I’ve actually learnt and improved in one session!"
    Donna Johnson - Campaigns and Marketing Officer

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