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Time Management

‘Oh let not time deceive you
You cannot conquer time…’
                 W.H Auden

You cannot conquer time, but you can use it in ways that achieve more of the things that matter most.

We can show you how to achieve more with less effort and less stress

On a typical one-day course you will learn how to:

  • Define clear goals to focus work
  • Determine priorities and spend most time on what really matters
  • Reduce, even eliminate, interruptions
  • Overcome procrastination


  • "Excellent: Well-organised and nicely presented. Practical and informative. Kept my interest and concentration throughout."
    Dr Dimitrios Paschos – Consultant Psychiatrist

    "This is one of those courses relevant to work environment and home – an all-rounder! Excellent!!"
    Janet – L.B. Lambeth

    "I found the whole course was very helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed the day."
    Gill Hockley - Head of Home Care

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