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LinkedIn coaching: Your 90 Day Coaching Programme

In most cases people simply fail to take the action required for them to get the results they want.  Your 90 day coaching program is designed to provide you and your business with a comprehensive training programme that is suited to your objectives and needs.  Coaching is either by phone or skype.

The LinkedIn Coaching Programme includes:

  • The 9 Points to Creating a Powerful Personal Profile.
    Understanding how to create this from a marketing psychology perspective, including:
    • headline
    • photo
    • contact information
    • summary
    • using pdf and video uploads
    • previous experience
    • endorsements
    • recommendations  +  how to ask for them!
  • How to find, connect and engage with your ideal prospects / contacts.
  • Making the changes, including:
    Re-writing your personal headlines, your summary and defining your own action plan with clear goals and targets for the next 90 days.

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