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We have the skills to help your organisation achieve more:

Image and impact:  we can help you achieve the image you want to create of:

  • your people
  • your offices
  • your communications

Strengths:  Do you want to increase productivity and wellbeing?  We can help you implement the strengths approach in departments or in the whole organisation. 
We can also help you design H.R. processes, such as recruitment and managing talent using the latest systems.

Team building and team development: we can help your team(s) or your whole organisation achieve more.  See the α-team

Training needs assessment:  Training budgets are not infinite, unfortunately!  We can help you make the most of limited resources by identifying the area(s) that would most benefit.

Written communications:  We can review your internal and external communications and help you to improve them.

  • By editing
    • for grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • for plain English
    • for tone of voice
  • By rewriting
    • website text
    • forms
    • standard letters

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